Special care is taken around pillars to make sure they are sealed tight!
AFTER….is this not the prettiest crawlspace you have ever seen!? And the benefits go WAY beyond looks! Call us today to find out what they are!! 
Do you really want this under your house!?





The crawl space in your home can contribute to up to 50% of the air you are breathing in your home. So, it DOES matter what is going on down there! It’s easy for moisture to develop in a crawl space due to changing temps, rain and lack of encapsulation (vapor barriers) This leads to mold and rot developing in the insulation or even on the subfloor. Mold then releases mycotoxins that seep through your floorboards and into your living space above! This means if your crawl space has mold problems, so does your home! We have many options for encapsulating (wrapping) your crawl space depending on your budget and how much you plan to use the space. That’s right, we can even make it a usable space! And our entire crew has been in some of the toughest, roughest, tightest, downright nastiest crawl spaces in Kansas!! CALL TODAY FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION 785-447-3148


Leaky Basements

Having a leaky basement is more than just a nuisance. It can actually contribute to overall poor indoor air quality in your home leading to health concerns for your family. The solutions we offer are a tried and true method, in fact, the BEST method for providing a permanent solution to your wet basement problems. Our system is so successful that your space can be a fully finished, usable living space after installation! We have one project that is even now a beautiful, DRY kitchen after many, many inches of rain. What is the first step? CALL or MESSAGE today for a FREE, no obligation consultation. We will explain in detail and provide videos of actual projects so you can see exactly how it works. Then leave all the hard work to us!